The world of procurements and eProcurement generates daily large amounts of data, that represent knowledge of great economical value both for individual companies and for public organisations wishing to achieve a better understanding of a given market. However, such data remains diffcult to explore and analyze as it is being kept isolated from other sources of knowledge, in dedicated systems. LOTED is an ongoing work on extracting and linking data from the European Tenders Electronic Daily system, which publishes approximately 1,500 tenders five times a week. Information is dynamically extracted and linked to external datasets, and links are created to enrich the original data, introducing new perspectives to its analysis.


Here are some useful resources to know more and work with LOTED:

Next Steps

A new version of LOTED is currently being developed, based on the new ontology and on the re-developed scraping mechanism. This new version will include overview, querying and searching mechanisms in tender notices in Europe.